This map tracks George Santayana’s travels following his retirement from Harvard University in 1912 until his death in 1952. It is formatted to be a combination of a map and a timeline to create a linear visual of Santayana’s travels through the end of his life. The map can be interacted with to determine which years are visible using the “Layers” tab in the left-hand panel; to select the year you wish to view, select the eye symbol next to the year of your choice and deselect the years you wish to hide. Clicking location pins will reveal pop-up boxes that include important information including the dates Santayana stayed there, the publications (if any) that were being worked on or published while he was there, and PDFs of letters he wrote while there. This digital humanities project is an attempt to create a visual context of Santayana’s travels that were so well recorded through his (auto)biographies and letters in an effort to construct a better understanding of the philosopher.

Click the link below and begin the journey starting in 1912!

Map of Santayana’s Travels 1912-1952