The Works of George Santayana, MIT Press

Volume 1: Persons and Places (Critical Edition 1986, paperback 1987) PDF — This volume incorporates three volumes originally published separately:

Persons and Places (1944)
The Middle Span (1945)
My Host the World (1953)

Volume 2: The Sense of Beauty (1896; Critical Edition 1988) PDF

Volume 3: Interpretations of Poetry and Religion (1900; Critical Edition 1990) PDF

Volume 4: The Last Puritan (1935; Critical Edition 1994, paperback 1995) PDF

Volume 5: The Letters of George Santayana — The eight books of The Letters of George Santayana bring together over 3,000 letters written by Santayana to more than 365 recipients (PDF). Many of the letters have been discovered in the fifty years since Santayana’s death. Read about the critical edition of The Letters here (PDF).

Book One, [1868]-1909 (2001) PDF
Book Two, 1910-1920 (2001) PDF
Book Three, 1921-1927 (2002) PDF
Book Four, 1928-1932 (2003) PDF
Book Five, 1933-1936 (2003) PDF
Book Six, 1937-1940 (2004) PDF
Book Seven, 1941-1947 (2006) PDF
Book Eight, 1948-1952 (2008) PDF

Volume 6: George Santayana’s Marginalia: A Critical SelectionThe two books of the Marginalia reproduce selected annotations Santayana made in his books. Each entry includes the bibliographic information and location of the work. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author.

Book One: Abell-Lucretius (2011)
Book Two: McCord-Zeller (2011)

Volume 7: The Life of Reason in five books as originally published. Read about the critical edition here (PDF).

Reason in Common Sense (1905; Critical Edition 2011) PDF
Reason in Society (1905; Critical Edition 2013) PDF
Reason in Religion (1905; Critical Edition 2014) PDF
Reason in Art (1905; Critical Edition 2015) PDF
Reason in Science (1906; Critical Edition 2016) PDF

Volume 8: Three Philosophical Poets: Lucretius, Dante, and Goethe (1910; Critical Edition 2019) PDF

Volume 9: Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion (1913; Critical Edition 2023)


Volume 13: Scepticism and Animal Faith (1923; Critical Edition expected 2024)

Remaining volumes

Volume 10: Egotism in German Philosophy (1916)

Volume 11: Character and Opinion in the United States (1920)

Volume 12: Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies (1922)

Volume 14: Dialogues in Limbo (1926/1948)

Volume 15: Platonism and the Spiritual Life (1927)

Volume 16: Realms of Being

The Realm of Essence (1927)
The Realm of Matter (1930)
The Realm of Truth (1938)
The Realm of Spirit (1940)

Realms of Being (four books in one volume) (1942)

Volume 17: The Genteel Tradition at Bay and Some Turns of Thought in Modern Philosophy (1931 and 1933)

Volume 18: The Idea of Christ in the Gospels (1946)

Volume 19: Dominations and Powers (1951)

Volume 20: Collected articles, reviews, essays, and miscellaneous manuscripts

The Essential Santayana, Indiana University Press (2009)

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The Works of George Santayana (vols. 1-4)