Past Conferences

The individual and the community in American philosophy today and in the twentieth century, 8–9 April 2022, online. Organized by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. The conference included a separate session devoted to George Santayana.

Conversations in the Observatorio: Santayana – The Life of Reason, Thursday 13 April 2017, 5:30PM – 7:00 PM, Observatory of Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the United States, 2 Arrow Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Santayana’s The Life of Reason is the topic of discussion for a panel including John Lachs (Centennial Professor, University of Vanderbilt), Daniel Moreno (IES Miguel Servet, Spain) and Martin A. Coleman (The Santayana Edition, IUPUI), with Sean Kelly (Department of Philosophy, Harvard University) moderating.

5th International Conference on Santayana: The Life of Reason in the Age of Terrorism, 12-14 July 2016, Berlin, Germany. (Preceded by A Student Seminars Day on July 11.)

Roundtable Discussion: Santayana or Philosophy as a Way of Life, 28 June 2016, 7:00 PM–9:00 PM, Instituto Cervantes New York, 211-215 East 49th Street. Participants include Daniel Moreno, Angel Alcalá, Herman J. Saatkamp, and Martin A. Coleman.

23rd World Congress of Philosophy, 4–10 August 2013, Athens, Greece. Details on the George Santayana Society session available here.

Fourth International Congress on George Santayana, 30–31 October 2012, Rome, Italy

Third International Congress on George Santayana, 16–18 November 2009, Museo Valenciano de la Modernidad (MuVIM), Valencia, Spain

Second International Congress on George Santayana, 20–24 June 2006, Opole University, Poland. Organized by Chris Skowronski, Opole University

Towards a Philosophy of Modesty: Freedom, Reason, and Limit in Santayana’s Moral and Political Thought, 1–4 December 2005, Cambridge, UK. Sponsored by the Liberty Fund and organized by Noel O’Sullivan, University of Hull

First International Congress on George Santayana, 27–30 May 1992, Avíla, Spain


See also this page devoted to meetings of the George Santayana Society.