Through the generous support of the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts (SLA), the Santayana Edition edits and publishes the works of George Santayana. SLA provides office and archive space, and the University Library provides research privileges and inter-library loan services. We are deeply grateful for support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), who has awarded the Edition a three-grant through 2026.

In recent years retirements and financial vicissitudes of the school have reduced our staff to what we can fund through grants and gifts. We have been fortunate to find helpful part-time help among students and experienced editors. Your support can help us fund vital staff positions and continue the progress we have made in publishing The Works of George Santayana. Having completed more than 20 of the projected 32 books (arranged in 20 volumes, some consisting of multiple books), the entire critical edition could be published within 15 years with adequate staffing.

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